Most people experience the same kind of issues in their marriage (or long-term relationship). Typical marriage counseling can often be just about managing the symptoms instead of curing the underlying problems.

Attachment-based couple counseling gets to the heart of the matter. We go beyond just managing symptoms or being satisfied with “not fighting”. Our goal is to create the thriving marriage that both of you deserve…and that will benefit your children for life.

Step One: Phone Consult

If you want to learn more about how your marriage can benefit from Couples Counseling, the first step is to call for an initial phone consultation. I prefer to speak with both partners separately for 15-20 minutes to hear about the issues and answer any questions.

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Step Two: Introductory Session

If it seems like there might be a "good fit" between us, the next step is for us to schedule an in-person Introductory Session. In this session we get a chance to explore what the problems have been and I outline what the process will be to solve them.

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Step Three: Ongoing Therapy

After the Introductory Session, we will set a weekly appointment time for our therapy sessions. I meet with most couples for 75-minutes a week at the same time. Our sessions will have clearly defined goals and help you have the understanding and skills needed to have a happy, healthy marriage.

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The Next Step...

Call today to schedule individual phone consultations for both you and your partner to see if there is a "good fit" between you and Todd.